DJ Reckless

DJ Reckless

Eshwar aka Dj Reckless was born in the West Indies (GUYANA). In his early childhood years, he grew up in the Bronx & Queens NY, where weekend house parties with family were a usual thing. That’s when he discovered his appetite for music. He moved to Seaford, Delaware in 1993, joined the school band playing the alto saxophone, and was the first to DJ at his middle school cafeteria during lunch hours.

A talented engineer, Reckless has always been involved with music and electronics throughout his youth. Advancing to the French horn in high school and DJing his school’s pep rallies, Reckless then led his following to the house party scene. It didn’t stop there he continued his musical path onward to Delaware State University.

In 2008 Reckless started professionally DJing at local pubs in Sussex county. His proven talent earned him a position as a member of the VIBES CREW, were he remains. He has not only grown as a DJ but also a sound engineer and promoter. This is his first time on the radio scene and plans to master this business as well as he continues to build on his other great skills. If you didn’t know then, you know now! Stay tuned for the greatness!

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