DJ Big Mark

DJ Big Mark

Marques “DJ Big Mark” Downes is a young, talented and aspiring DJ from New Castle, Delaware.  From a young age, DJ Big Mark has always been an extremely huge fan of music.  His love and interest in music was started trough his family.  He attributes this to being exposed to oldies during car rides with his father, hearing gospel on Sundays with his mother and listening to 80’s and 90’s (hip hop, R&B and pop) with his older brother. Over the years, he has been collecting an array of music ranging from genres such as reggae, club music, EDM, etc.  In 2009, DJ Big Mark wanted to learn and master the art of DJ’ing.  Through the guidance and teachings of some of the best DJs in the state of Delaware, DJ Big Mark began to acquire the skills needed to become a great and versatile deejay.  From the first time he touched a pair of Technics 1200’s, he became dedicated and focused at being a master of deejaying.  Since then, DJ Big Mark has progressed and enhanced his skills and knowledge of DJ’ing to the point where he has become one of the premier and well-respected deejays in the area.

DJ Big Mark has become a Tour, Club, Mixtape and Radio Deejay for many radio stations along the East Coast.  In 2012, DJ Big Mark joined one of the biggest and well known deejay coalitions in the world, “The Fleet Dj’s”.  As time went on, he began to capture the eyes ad ears of major artists in the music industry.

In the early summer of 2016, DJ Big Mark’s biggest achievement to date happened in which he joined “The Black Bottle Boys”, which is coalition of deejays and upcoming artists created and ran by MMG’s own Rick Ross.  Over the last few years, DJ Big Mark has been blaming the airwaves throughout the are with his crazy, creative blends and unorthodox mixing style. Sit back, listen and watch a master at work!

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