DJ Shorty T

DJ Shorty T

DJ Shorty T has been in the hip-hop industry since 1984. Manipulating sounds has become his priority since 1988. Starting off as a mobile and club Dj, he has been a part of several tri-state area radio stations ranging from Mt. Pleasant  High School radio (91.7), Also  College & Commercial Radio Univ. of  Del. (91.3), Drexel Univ. (91.7),Kiss 101.7Fm , And Live 97.5

His inspiration came from listening to Lady B on Sunday afternoons, Cash Money,  Jeff Mills, and Dj Jazzy Jeff just to name a few. He always looked forward to expand his knowledge of the craft by competing in the DMC 2001-2007  Also by 2007 Earning  him the status of one of the top ten in the country for the U.S. turntablists.

Dj Shorty T has always demonstrated that he has an un-orthodox style of musical arrangements, which he has and will continue to always rock the crowd.

06AM Ibiza

Underground radio

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