Growing up in the 80s, 90s and even through today, sports and music have seamlessly merged. To play pro sports and/or to be involved in entertainment are the aspirations of most urban youth. For Dondre’ “Donni-Oh!” Phoenix, it was no different. On the court, Magic Johnson was his favorite basketball player, and musically, he was inspired by the turntable wizardry and sounds of the legendary N.Y. DJ/personalities Kool DJ Red Alert and Mr. Magic. Becoming a professional basketball player was plan A, and plan B was being an on-air radio personality. Fortunately, BOTH were obtained, at some degree. In 1989, it all began to take shape. “Donni-Oh!” was chosen as one of the Top 500 high school basketball players in the USA. He was also selected as a McDonald’s High School Basketball All-American nominee.

On the music side, in 1989, Donni-Oh!’s pops bought him his first pair of turntables and mixer for Christmas, along with 2 copies of Public Enemy’s “Welcome To The Terror Dome”. He already had several records bought with his allowance money as a youth, such as, Treacherous Three’s “Feel The Heartbeat”, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5’s “Apache” and “Freedom”, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr Hyde’s “Genius Rap”, Spoonie Gee’s “Love Rap”, Funky 4 Plus 1’s “That’s The Joint”, amongst others.

“Donni-Oh!” didn’t get the chance to play in the NBA full time, however, he played in the NBA Summer Pro League and a few semi-pro leagues, as well. Musically, he attained, his goals and then some. With other unexpected stops and achievements along the way, here’s a timeline, “snap shot”, of the athletic and musical bio of Dondre’ “Donni-Oh!” Phoenix.

Donni Oh’s entertainment career achievements:

1989 – Donni-Oh!’s “Flava” mixtape series began through 2001
1993 – Attended the Columbia School of Broadcasting
1995-’02 – Co-owner of Flavaz Urban Wear (Clothing Store)
1995 – Evening on-air personality at Mix 106.3 FM (Cambridge)
1999 – Mid-day on-air personality on Magic 98.9 FM (Salisbury)
1999-’02 – Public Relations assistant at B.E.S.T. Sports & Entertainment (Philadelphia)
2000 – DJ’d at Egypt, Boyz II Men, Big Tiger & Friends Celebrity Party in Baltimore
2001-present – Launched Flavaz Promotions
2002 – DJ’d at NBA star Rasheed Wallace’s NBA All-Star Party in Philadelphia
2002-04 – Afternoon drive on-air personality/asst. Music Director on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio (DC)
2006-’09 – Host of ItzYourzRadio on Magic 98.9 FM (Salisbury)
2009-present – ItzYourzMedia (TV, radio, internet, voice-overs, production)
2015-present – Launched ItzYourzRadio (Urban radio format) on Tunein
2016-present – Launched Soul Talk 100 (Black talk radio format) on Tunein
2017-present – Joined Live 97.5 FM to re-launch ItzYourzRadioLive on FM

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